Monitor the online prices of your products


A tool for brands’ sales and marketing teams

With a clear and immediate web interface, PriceTutor allows you to verify current and historical online prices set by your retailers. Decide the items to monitor, select specific target sites if you wish, set if you like a maximum discount acceptable within your policies. PriceTutor will return: sellers' names, prices, discounts, links to listings, and screenshot of discounted items.




Underpriced items at a glance

Preview all products and quickly identify those with a greater discount.


Price chart

Get a prompt outlook of a product's online positioning. Each bar links to the corresponding listing.


Listing details

For each product, see all recorded listings, with prices, discounts, sellers' name, link and screenshot.


Sellers list

Fast access to an overview of all sellers, the pricing they apply, and their online activity.



Get in touch

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